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Directions to the Holiday Park Oval


A Bug it is not! - Cricket Explained:

The Basics

  • There are TWO teams, with eleven players each (instead of nine as in baseball).
  • Instead of four bases, there are only two; in the middle of the field, sixty-six feet apart...
    all running is between the two bases... the ball can be hit in front, OR behind... or, in ANY direction.
  • Instead of rotating batting for nine innings each, EACH team does all its batting in a SINGLE inning .
  • The team scoring more runs wins the game.

Pitching (Bowling)

[NOTE: Unlike baseball, where a pitcher rests every 10 or so pitches when the BATTING rotates, cricket pitchers rest every 6 pitches as their PITCHING rotates.]

The fielding team works with TWO pitchers at the same time.

  • The first pitcher throws from one base to the other.
    After six throws, the catcher moves around behind the first pitcher's base, pitcher #2 takes over.
    He makes six throws in the opposite direction (i.e. towards the starting pitcher's base).
  • The two pitchers keep alternating like this, until one or both of them are relieved.

* [[ IMPORTANT: Each six-pitch set is called an "over", and pitchers are called "bowlers" in cricket. So, to say "Doe bowled seven overs", is saying Doe threw 42 pitches, in (alternating) sets of six. ]]


Scoring Plays

Progress of Play

How Long Does it Take?