The Round Table Hall of Fame honors people who have been an asset to the Knights Cricket Club. They are elected into the Hall based on their abilities on and off the field. The Knights Cricket Club would like to thank each and every member of the club for being part of this organization and upholding the traditions and principles of the club.


DAVID PITT - 1999-2000

A 55 year old Englishman who plays ok cricket", as he had first described himself, David, was more than that.  He was the first one on the field with his lawn mower and was always ready to drive us to away games.  We miss your enthusiasm and we salute you for your tireless work for the Knights.

-A consummate team man. Great sense of humor. Even better were his all-round cricketing skills. His defining moment came in the final of the Twenty 20 championship in Oct 2004, where he finally exorcised his demons of 2003 and stood like a rock among the ruins to shepherd the Knights to a famous victory. He is sorely missed by friend and opponent alike (he had no foes). Good luck in your ventures "Chamma Chamma."

KANNY VELUMANI - 1998-2003
-Kanny is one of the founding members of this club. Over the years he has served as Captain and Vice Captain of the Knights and came to the team's resuce many a time. He is the quintessential "crisis man" the team depended on, and he fit the bill. Kanny will be moving on in Dec 2003, and we will miss him dearly. His batting heroics in 2000 in fading light in the final of the Rohan Cricket Tournament at Omaha showed the man's grit and heart. The Knights did not win the game, but we never gave up..and Kanny showed us the way.

ANDY PATEL-2001-2004
-What can one say about good ol' Andy? He was the comedy relief that the team sorely needed. Always ready to help out with the chores, even after working the night shift, it typified the kind of man Andy is. His all-round cricketing skills were a huge plus to the team as well. The team depended on his consistent performance with the bat and ball, match after match. Yet another hall of famer for his outstanding work on and off the field. Missed by a great many of us. Fortunately for the Knights, Andy's torch is now being carried by his brother, Charlie.

-Was part of the 2000 Knights which had unprecedented success due to his exploits with the bat.  Showed us how to tackle the bowling head on, and had a sweet cover drive.  To top it all off, was a team man to boot.  The Knights miss you Dravid.

Alok has painted an endearing and indelible image in our minds for his love of umpiring and giving LBW decisions against his own mates: Goes to show that the Knights are probably the only team in the mid-west that talks a fair game and plays that way:-) All kidding aside, Alok personified the zest and zeal of a player who wants to better himself. We shall miss him and his antics on and off the field. His absence has left many of us pondering : "Kiya Karoon, Kiya Karoon" (translation: What shall I do?)

Vik signed off as the winningest captain of the Knights in 2003. Although, he would have loved to have won the MCL championship in Kansas City, under his command, the Knights Reds won the CLIA Championship, beating the favored Knights Blues. He won the MVP award for his role in the final. Prior to last seaosn, Vik was an integral member of our club. His pure reflex catching in the slips was a sight to behold as he conjured up catches out of thin air. By far, one of the safest pair of hands ever to play for the Knights. He was an extremely reliable batsman in the top order who put a price on his wicket. A huge loss for the Knights, but we wish him much success in Wisconsin.

"He never missed any practice sessionS since he started with this club in mid season 2001. Last year he anchored his inning in 3 crucial matches. He has a very good knowledge of the game and he shifts gears according to the situation.
He never demanded any batting position but always keept himself ready for any challenge. One suggestion for him: He is an intelligent spinner but he should take more chances with flighted deliveries rather than bowling flat or trying to beat the batsman and knocking his bails out. Always keep the batsmen guessing. He should look easy to play but tough to hit.
In the Kansas Final, he actually demoralised our opponents after a bad start with a trrific bolwing performance. " - Aziz (Captain of the Knights Reds 2004)

GARY SCOTT - 2003 (Director of West Des Moines Parks & Recreation)

The gentleman who turned fantasy into reality.  He championed our cause in the City Council, and was the driving force behind giving us permanent digs at Holiday Park.  Mr.Scott, you truly deserve the recently conferred award of "Iowa Parks & Rec Director of the year."  Mr.Scott was also conferred the title of "Honorary Lifetime Captain of the Knights"


ZUBIN MEHENTI - 2003 (Sports News Anchor for WOI-TV)

Zubin was yet another gentleman without whose support, the club would not be where it is today. His local TV coverage of our club, and more specifically our charity event in 2003 was simply superb, and we salute him.

JOEL BADER- 2003 (Reporter for the West Des Moines Press Citizen)

Joel's articles about our club was yet another reason why our star is shining out here in Iowa. He shows tremendous interest in our club and its appreciated very much.


Special Mention: Cal Woods of FOX 17, Todd Erzen & Tom Suk of The Des Moines Register