The Knights Cricket Club was formed in June 1999. We are based out of Des Moines, IA. Most of the team is comprised of beginners to collegiate level skilled cricketers. Our main goal is to establish cricket as a legitimate spring-summer sport here in the great state of IOWA. We have, in the past, given cricket demos to local schools. Interest in cricket has certainly increased the past few seasons with many new players joining the team, and extensive local media coverage has put us firmly on the map. Also, the Knights have been THE team to beat around these parts. Most of us are passionate about the game, and the sweet sound of leather against English Willow is like a Beethoven Concerto to our ears!. Our motto is "LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE," which implores every player who plays for the Knights to give his/her best on and off the field.

The CLIA is back again with a brand new team: The Cedar Rapids All Stars. This year, the Omaha Cricket Club will not play in the CLIA. We hope to have them back next year. The CLIA is now comprised of 6 teams. ISU is fielding one team: The Titans. We are elated to report that ISU has also built a pitch in Ames, IA. Cedar Rapids is also planning on laying a new surface sometime during the course of this season. Cricket has come a long way in Iowa, and we take pride in being the trailblazers. We hope to repeat as league champions, but, due to the exodus of some of our key players, we are expecting the road to the championship a lot harder. Nevertheless, we are always up for a challenge.


KNIGHTS PRIDE: Winners of the Knights Champions Trophy
KNIGHTS: Winners of the Kansas City Twenty20 Tournament

Major changes this year. The CLIA as we know it is re-born. It is now a full-fledged league comprising of 7 teams. The Knights are going in with the REDS and the BLUES. This appears to an exciting year not only for the Knights, but also, for cricket in the mid-west (IA, NE & Western Illinois). The Knights roster has been increased to 30 players, although according to the league rules, we can have a total of 40 players (20 per team). We expect to go from strength to strength. Our annual charity game for the West Des Moines Human Services Department is scheduled for August 22nd. We now have a few sponsors as well. All in all a very productive off-season for us.

The 2003 season has kicked off with major changes in the club architecture. This year on, we have a working Executive Board with a President. They are responsible for the daily activities of the club, and will work closely with the captain and vice captain of the squads to ensure a smooth ride.
Our off-season effort to actively "advertise" the club's presence in the Des Moines area paid off, and we had quite a turnout for the club. The club fee was also increased to $155 for this season on.
We are elated to report that the West Des Moines Parks & Rec. Dept. signed a contract with the Cricket League of Iowa (Our Governing Body) to call Holiday Park as our home. We have constructed a 80 foot by 8 foot concrete pitch with outdoor carpet affixed to it. Its a cricketing paradise of sorts. The bowlers and the batsmen can get equal purchase from the wicket. We made the local news media. You can view the article here and pictures of the wicket in our gallery.

In 2000, we sorta achieved celebrity status. We made the "Sports 13 Team of the Week." Channel 13 (WHOTV/NBC) shot a video of the game between Drake University Bulldogs and the Knights. It was aired the following sunday at 10:30 Prime Time News Sports. Also, prior to that the Des Moines Register did a story on our "predicament" of starting a "brand new" sport in Des Moines. The media coverage helped us quite a bit, and we started to reach people around the state. We hope to continue the KNIGHTS tradition for years to come...MARCHING ON!

From West Des Moines:

1. Get on Grand Ave
2. Take a left onto Railroad Ave
3. Take a left on 11th street.
4. You should see the cricket ground on the right.

From Downtown:
1. Take 235 W
2. Take 63rd st exit
3. Take a left off the exit
4. Follow 63rd till Railroad Ave
5. Take a right onto Railroad ave
6. Take a right on 11th.
7. 4. You should see the cricket ground on the right.