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Laver & Wood Cricket Bats:

Unmatched Quality. Unparalled Service


My love affair with Laver & Wood's custom made cricket bats began in 2003 when I had my first Private Bin crafted by James Laver. I was apprehensive at first to try a "non-famous" brand. Why, nobody in world cricket was playing with a Laver and Wood stickered bat. Of course, it's a well know fact that most cricketers at the higher levels play with custom bats made by pod shavers such as Laver & Wood, albeit with their sponsors' livery.

Suffice it to say, I was blown away by the maginificent craftmanship. I had never held a more beautiful bat, nor had I ever played with one such as a LW PB. I had it custom built according to my height, style of play, down to the very minute detail of what I woul like to engrave on the back of the bat. The attention to detail, and the excellent gameplay I got out of the L&W got me hooked. I have since gone back for 3 more bats to add to my collection. Four of my team mates also had L&W bats made. Two other teams: Iowa State University Spartans and Titans have also made the switch to Laver and Wood bats this year.

The customer service one receives at L&W is excellent. The order is fulfilled in record time, and the bats arrive as and when promised, not to mention the absolute joy of playing with such a work of art.

If you are serious about your cricket, then Laver and Wood is the place for a cricket bat. Visit their website or call and talk to James Laver. He is always happy to accomodate you and will help you design a customized cricket bat.

If you are in town, stop by a Knights cricket parctice or a game, and you can have a hit around with my Lavers, just to get a feel for them. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.