Rules and Regulations: (Get the following in PDF here)

1. Play for the team and not for yourself.

2. All members will maintain a professional approach on and off the field.

3. All members will make a sincere effort to be punctual in attending the practice sessions and on game days.

4. The decision to select the playing Eleven (11) would be the sole responsibility of the Captain and Vice-Captain. The criteria for selecting the playing eleven would primarily be based upon regularity to practice sessions. It will be our primary objective to give every member an equal opportunity to represents the Knights, but every member needs to play their part by showing up for the practice
sessions regularly.

5. All members present should share the job of preparing the ground for play and packing the team kit.

6. All members need to inform the Captain or the Vice-Captain if they are On-Call on “Game Day’s” to allow them to consider alternate players.

7. Umpires decision will be considered final and no player will individually contest the judgment. Accept all decisions in proper spirit becoming of a KNIGHT. All the concerns will be directed through the Captain or the Vice-Captain, in the absence
of the Captain on the field, and the Captain or the Vice-Captain will take the necessary action, as they consider appropriate. Any player found violating this rule would be barred from playing two games.

8. All members will leave aside their personal differences and perform and interact as a unified team when representing the Knights, on and off the field.

9. Mudslinging amongst members is strictly prohibited and the message board should not be used to settle ones personal vendetta.

10. All members will ensure that the visiting teams are well taken care off and bestow upon them “Knight’s hospitality”, which they should cherish for a long time to come. Be pleasant and courteous to opponent team members.

11. Littering of the ground and its surrounding will not be encouraged and every member will play his part to oblige by this rule.

12. All concerns and suggestions with regards to the management and development of the club should be directed to the office bearers of the club i.e. President, Vice President and the Secretary. They will make sure all concerns and suggestions are attended to.

13. Field position shall be set and manipulated by the Captain (and VC) alone.

14. There will be no preference of field positions. The Captain and VC will make the decision to place a fielder in the appropriate position, based on that player’s ability to field. Please note that every fielding position on the cricket field is vital to the team fielding. That’s why those positions exist.

15. Co-operate with your team captain and manager. They require everyone’s support. Concurrently the Captain will be open to suggestions from other players, but reserves the right to not exercise it on occasions when he sees it fit to make the decision himself.

16. Remain cheerful if things go against you and continue to enjoy the game.

17. Be unselfish and always ready to help others to become proficient.

18. Be a good winner and a good loser - modest in victory and generous in defeat.

19. As a spectator applaud good play on both sides.

20. Enjoy yourself and let your light SHINE.