The CLIA Championship 2003, concluded on Saturday Aug 3rd in West Des Moines with the Knights Reds winning a hard fought game over the Blues. Everybody, it seemed, had their own reasons for wanting to win badly. For some, it worked out, and the others; unfortunately will have to bide their time until next year. The cricket was superb with teams from Kansas City, Ames and Des Moines vying for the crown. Part of me is happy that the title remains in Des Moines and with the Knights. But, the true Blue part of me is very disappointed..such is the price of competition and a desire to win I guess.

To sum it all up, the Blues won the toss and raked up 192 off 35 overs with Jon playing the anchor role to remain unbeaten on 67. The Reds riding on the cool head of their cappie, Vik, won the game. He scored a well compiled 61.

Well, I could go on about cricket, but, I choose to write briefly about the people who played a part in this affair. But for people like them, cricket will cease to exist.

Some of you might be wondering why the picture of a guy smoking a cig., lost in thought and driving a mower.

The Journey of the August King:
(A tribute to the real stars behind the scenes)

The Friday before the championship game brought a few crazies together like it usually does the Friday before every game, to do the obligatory mowing of the field. Except this Friday, they were pressed for time and equipment. It was decided that they meet at a friend's place and borrow his mower and head back to the field...only the mower was a throwback to what it seemed, the swinging 60's (yet a solidly built and functional TORO.) It gave the group a collective hernia just thinking about lifting it on to the bed of the Chevy S10 (circa 1990 something)

Then, it was decided to drive that sucker all the way to the field, between a three car convoy. And so the journey of the August King began for about 2 city blocks at 15 mph, a lot of laughs and picture taking for posterity.

I was proud to be part of that moment, and one didn't have to guess what drove those men

Gentlemen, I tip my hat to you, I'm honored to know each of you and its blokes like you who keep this club and the sport alive. Players come and go. But, this club cannot AFFORD to lose people such as yourselves.


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